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Senator was composed of 12 senators, including members of the 10 people elected by the citizens of the normal, equal, direct and secret elections in four constituencies congressman and two proportional representation.

Chairman / Vice Chairman

The Council installs Chairman and Vice Chairman each, and they are elected in the main session by a secret vote.
They each serve on a two-year tenure.

Standing Committees

The Council installs three Standing Committees in accordance with jobs of departments of the execution agency. They are Council Steering Committee, Administration & Autonomy Committee, and Industry and Construction Committee. They deliberate on and process agenda and petitions.
The Council may install Ad Hoc Committees designed to handle special agenda and investigate into special agenda related to duties of several Standing Committees, by the resolution of the main session, as is deemed necessary.

Council Organizational Chart

Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Standing Committee (Council Steering  Committee, Administration & Autonomy Committee, Industry and Construction Committee)  Special Committee Secretary General, Secretary General, Committee Adviser, Director of Administrative Affairs Division, Director of Proceedings Division

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