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Duties and Tenure of Members

Duties of Members

Members, as representatives of citizens, shall put public good first, perform their duties faithfully to the best of their conscience, hold obligations to remain clean, and stay decent. They also shall neither abuse their positions and acquire property right benefits or positions by the means of agreements with public agencies under the local government and with enterprises or by the means of disposal of such agreements, nor arrange such acquisitions for others.
In addition, they shall not concurrently assume certain jobs stipulated in related laws.
  • Duty of Chairperson : Chairperson represents the Council, puts Council affairs in order, keeps the order of the conference floor, and oversees the affairs of the Council's Secretariat.
  • Duty of Vice Chairperson : Serves as an acting Chairperson when Chairperson is unavailable.
  • Duty of Chairperson of Committees: Chairperson of Committees represent their committees, and put committee affairs in order, keep the order of committees, and oversee committee affairs.
  • Duty of Vice Chairperson of Committees : Serves as an acting Chairperson when the related Chairperson is unavailable.

Tenure of Members

Members' tenure is four years, and begins from the next day after the tenure of previous-term members ends through general elections. The tenure of members who are elected by by-elections begins from the confirmation of election, and is the remaining period of the related previous councilor's tenure. (July 1, 2002 June 30, 2006)

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